Privacy Policy

Bizarrecart brings its privacy notice along with certain policies for every customer who wants to use our services and products. This privacy notice should be thoroughly read and understood by all so that there is no breach of trust and confidentiality in the long-run.


Customer Data is Kept Confidential

Sustaining confidentiality is a big priority for Bizarrecart. Hence, we are highly concerned with regard to keeping customer information safe and secure. Right from major to minor, we keep every detail of our customers safeguarded.


Processing of Relevant Data

Whatever data we process, they are all relevant to our customers and business. We do this to make sure that one does not face any hassles while shopping from us. One can enjoy the convenience and flexibility to shop from our online store. Also, it would help us to deal with customers who would have justified claims.

The data we usually process is the name and address of the customer, mobile number, email address, delivery location details, postal address, fax number, payment details, bank account details, or debit/credit card details.


Validating Accurate Information

Bizarrecart validates such information from customers that are true and relevant. This is done during payments from customers, website management, examining precise sections on the website, detecting fraudulent web-based activities, and providing information to customers about products.


No Connection with Third Parties

Bizarrecart has no intention to work with a third party. Rather, we stay out of this to avoid any sort of security issue. Moreover, if a third party adopts any policy, we would not be responsible for it. We even advise our customers to stay alert about confronting third parties.


Prohibiting Unknown Sources to our Website

What assures full-proof security for Bizarrecart is its advanced technology and security measures. This is done to stop any type of illegal or unwanted resource from entering our website.

With super protected servers, our website undergoes strict vigilance against those who intend to do malpractice. So, whenever any payment is made, the security remains high.



Bizarrecart has the copyright for its Privacy Policy. Hence, no other source can intervene in this regard for commercial reasons. If any illegal activities are found or if any law is violated, strict action will be taken.

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